Stylepeaks Mony

Styelpeaks Mony

Hello everyone!
I am Mony, the author-editor of this blog!

I am a medical graduate turned language teacher by profession and currently a full time beauty & makeup bloggerย by choice ๐Ÿ™‚

And this is my baby step into the world of Bloggingย โค๏ธ

I belong to the Northern part (Nainital) of Indiaย currentlyย settled in Bangalore (South India) after 3 years stay in Tokyo, Japan. Living in a different cultureย and a country not only groomed me as an individual but also made me aware in following a healthy life-style and fitness regime. That was the time when my interest in Beauty, Make-up and Fashion alsoย grew up.

I started this blog in February 2015 as a hobby and soon i realized it has become my passion :). My love for writing, exploring and sharing brought me into this open platform of the internet, where I like to share my interest and opinion on Beauty, Fashion, Health, and lifestyle! taking inspiration from my everyday experiences and also with a touch of my personal style.

Also over the time i would like to share my thoughts on my life as a mother with a little detail of my travelling around.ย 

P.S I have naturally dark-brown eyes, black-brown hair and medium to fair skin tone. I love all things cute! and would love to create hot pink and bold red lips with neutral smokey eyes at any given chance ๐Ÿ˜‰

Welcome to my little world of the internetย โค๏ธ

Here’s to many more !!

I can also be found on Twitter,ย Facebook, Google+ย and Instagram

Email :ย [email protected]