The Seven Basic Make-up Mistakes
The Seven Basic Make-up Mistakes

I am sure each of us spend a few minutes daily on following a certain kind of a make-up regime. While some people prefer going for all natural and light make up look, some do it as a full facial make up routine . 

Make-up not only makes women look more glamorous, but it also gives a boost to their confidence by hiding the flaws of the skin, such as dark lines, blemishes, wrinkles, pigmentation, patchy skin and so much more. Make-up can range from light and natural to heavy and dramatic. It does not just beautifies the skin but also helps in protecting it from pollution, sun, dust, ageing  etc.

While we all follow a simple basic make up routine, where we hardly go any wrong way and do no mistakes but then there are also some that we might be still doing every day without even realizing it.  
So, lets make a note of these common makeup mistakes that you might have been making so far and start avoiding them from now on :

Not Cleaning the make-up brushes

After a few times of using makeup brushes on your face, your face’s natural oil, the makeup, and other dust and grime starts to build up on them, which on using again tends to clog all your pores and also stands a chance of giving infection to your skin. So make-up brushes need to be cleaned periodically with a mix of warm water and a small amount of baby shampoo. 
Wearing loads of foundation
Applying too much foundation will make your skin tone look unnatural. You will also end up looking all cakey and made up. so always use a right shade and go subtle in order to look real. Don’t forget to cover up your neck and shoulders to avoid an un-natural look.Try to put foundation on in the same light as you’re going to be out in.
Applying blush/bronzer all over the face
Blush is truly a magical makeup product. It is an essential makeup tool for the contouring of your face and highlighting. but applying it on your entire face will do no good to your lookApply it on the bridges of your nose, the cheekbones and the chin, instead of the entire face. Apply some towards the hairline, without getting to the ears. Then blend up and down in order to make it all natural.
Cleaning the eye makeup wrong
Don’t harshly rub your eyes and the area around it. The skin around the eyes is delicate and soft hence is more prone to wrinkles Its also the thinnest, most sensitive area of the face. So always go soft while cleaning your eye make-up. Use a soft cotton ball, dipped in make-up remover and use gentle strokes not hard. Going hard would even harm the density of your eyelashes.
Ignoring neck, shoulders and the back
It is usually observed that women spend plenty of their  time to take care of their face, but ignore the neck area, shoulders and the back. Well, it also needs as much attention as your face for a natural and soft look. Use a good moisturiser daily, and apply foundation evenly for a subtle natural look.
Sleeping in your make-up
 Going to the to the bed without removing your makeup will only give you rough, dry and older looking skin in no timeMakeup tends to go into the pores of the skin, making them larger in size. Not cleaning would make the skin  unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself.  The oil and dirt blocked into your pores can lead to frequently occurring pimples. It can even lead to premature ageing of your skin.
Keeping cosmetics for years
There is always a maximum time limit, for which any cosmetic product lasts. While some might last only for a few months after opening their seals, other good brands might offer a little more time. But, it will not be a good idea to preserve the unused ones even after their expiry dates. It will do no good either to your look or your skin. Hence, you must keep discarding the old makeup products as soon as they cross their expiry date.

So lets leave all these bad beauty habits behind and give our make-up a natural and fresh look and our skin a healthy lifestyle ! 🙂
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