The Ripped Jeans look
The Ripped Jeans Look !

When it comes to Denim, we love them all 🙂  and want  to live in them all the time !

The prime reason behind  is perhaps, because having one good pair of jeans can solve our week long problems 😉 without putting  too much stress on “what to wear today ?”
 It is one such outfit which is totally stylish yet highly comfortable and nothing comes closer than to own a great peice of jeans. And when we talk about jeans, how come not talk about The Ripped Jeans.

Few tips on “how to get the ripped jeans look :


  • The Ripped Jeans trend is back and is hotter than ever. These super-trendy destroyed jeans range in a variety of styles, from the sexy skinny leg to cool and casual boyfriend jeans with a cropped hem. 
  • The main challenge consists in trying to maintain a state of comfort, while still aiming for the distressed jeans to look effortlessly pulled together.

Skinny ripped jeans 

  • If you have no problem showing off your figure, then slimmer legs such as straight and skinny jeans should be your option.
  • They are definitely a hot choice for those who want to rock some sexy edge in their outfit and do not mind to highlight their body’s curves.


Straight leg ripped boyfriend jeans

  • They are  slightly wide legged and baggy, to make you  effortlessly cool. The name suggests as if you grabbed the jeans out from your boyfriend’s wardrobe.
  • If you want to slim down your butt, hips and thighs, straight leg boyfriend jeans will minimize this area.

How to team them up or accessorize

  • They’re awesome outfits for adding a little bit of cool edge to your style. You can create chic outfits with distressed jeans by cross-mixing with other styles such as a  cute blouse, a causal tee, a button down shirt or may be just a plaid trendy top. Well the choices are endless.
  • To give your ripped jeans a more trendy look, use a bangle bracelet, necklace or a hat. Make sure that they’re simple in color and design and that they don’t look too shabby with the rest of the outfit. 
  • High heel shoes can look good with ripped jeans but it depends on the style of the shoes. Stilettos, flashy pumps and boots with a pointy toe can outdate the pants and make you look tacky. Instead go for trendy shoes with wider heels and/or platform. Open toe shoes softens the jeans – making it look more feminine and girly. 

Do remember 

  • If you’re petite or have short legs/or have muscular legs, make sure that the hem of the jeans doesn’t hit the widest part of your calves because this will widen them and make you look shorter.
  • If you’re on the curvy side, you should opt for simple distress and rips in the jeans. To look leaner find jeans with vertical rips instead of horizontal (which will only widen your body figure). However if you want curves then do the exact opposite. 
  • Go easy and natural on the makeup and hair to avoid looking overdone. The best look with these type of jeans is often balanced, combined with classy and feminine pieces. 
  • Style your denim look with a soft, easy hair-do such as soft braids,  low ponytails or sporty french braids.
  • Make sure your legs are in shape too. which applies to both men and women. who would like to see those chubby legs coming out of the rips ;).


However if you like to try the ripped jeans look but aren’t sure if you could pull it off, always start with something simple, which have  just a few rips and tears and the fit do not hug around your legs.
photo source : dailymail. idiva makeup denimblog