Crop-tops for all
Crop-tops for all

Crop-tops are back ! And they are back in a big way ! And definitely will stay for a longer time now. 

They are like those fashion must haves which are great to look on to but when it comes to trying, an anxious feeling dawns upon of how to rock a crop top ;/
A crop top may be considered or have become a versatile item in our wardrobe, but the truth is, its not always so easy to incorporate it into our daily wear routine.
Because even if we are totally comfortable to show off a little skin on our belly or are always ready to try out different styles, the truth is , there are not many places or venues where a crop top may be considered appropriate.. seriously, we do not walk the red carpet 😉
Although they are very, on trend and high on demand, but still women have an undeniable hesitation which i totally understand that they just won’t work for their body types or would not suit up their look.
But pulling off the crop top doesn’t have to be so intimidating. For one thing, a crop top doesn’t automatically mean a bare belly. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you are showing only a silver of skin, and not your whole stomach. And secondly, whatever is your body type, whether you’re tall and lean, fit and trim, or pear-shaped and curvy, there’s a way for you to wear crop tops.
We could all use some modest wardrobe options, especially with all the variety of pants, skirts and dresses which we already are using through this season.
Let’s check out five cool crop-top tricks that makes them easy and comfortable to wear : 
1) Pair them with a high waist bottom
A key to pull off the crop top is to pair it with a more conservative bottom. Just because your top is short, doesn’t mean you have to expose your belly button. Matching a crop top with high waist pants or a skirt can minimize and even eliminate any skin shown.

2)Try a loose fitting style

If a cropped and tight top might make you feel anxious about how much body you’re showing, a loose style is the solution. Pair it with a tighter fitting skirt, shorts or a pair of pants to keep your look balanced.
3) Cover it Up
If you feel too exposed with a bare midriff, try layering an open cardigan, jacket, or a blazer over your top so that only a silver of skin is shown on the front. This will not only make you feel a little more covered up, but will be great for a colder weather.
Long sleeves or high necklines are another way to keep yourself covered.
4)Layer it up
If you are not comfortable wearing a crop top alone, go for another shirt/top inside. Layer a loose crop top over a tight dress or under a sheer dress or tunic. You can also wear a crop top with a crisp button-down shirt underneath. Toned abs or not, anyone can pull off this chic look.
5)Go for overalls
The one-piece wonders are the perfect counterparts to crop tops when you are skeptical on the thought of wearing one. It gives you an adorable, cute look when you wear a crop top and cover it up with a jumper or overalls.

These are few of many ways which you can try and test in to wearing a crop top. However, it should always come into your comfy zone 🙂 If its so, Go for it !