Spring Color Trend 2015
Spring Color Trend 2015

When the summer begins to approach, our wardrobe takes a U-turn and we look back to all the lighter and cooler fabrics to keep the heat away. In summer, the choice of fabric and style changes and so does the colors in our wardrobe.

If you are wondering about, what the fashion color trends spring summer 2015 season are, then the following list will prove to be really interesting and useful for you. From the delicate pastel tones and cooler shades to all-time favorite neutrals, the new season is painted in rich and diverse shades that give endless opportunities of creating standout outfit and combinations. So lets make sure we all get to know the hottest shades for the new warm season.

The Pantone color of the year, Marasala. The name comes from an Italian fortified wine, Marsala. One of the hottest colours of the year, Marsala, is simply an intense mix of wine, maroon and deep red shades. The colour has a rich earthy appeal. (know more about Marsala)



Custard Yellow
As the name suggests, its a very sweet color with a very cool effect. This shade is a hushed down yellow which reminds us of sunny days and nature.


One of the calmest shade of blue,  It has an extremely soft and gentle air about it that almost replicates the colour of the sky.


A very light shade of pink, a warm color to look cool, provide a healthy glow and a bubbly air around you. 
A back to basics color, classic blue is a safe bet for the spring, looks even great on unexpected pieces such as suiting and works equally good with any other color combination.

Glacier Grey

A very cool color for the people who are not too much into colors or generally prefer minimal coloring. Looks good as a block color as well as in combinations.

Tangerine is an orange color which has an added warmth into it. It is one of the brightest and most energizing shades of the summer.

Toasted Almond
It is a warm colour that reminds us of summer, sun kissed skin and soft sand. It steps away from artificiality and the busy city lifestyle.


Lucite Green
A specific combination of mint and classic green. It is a unique color which has a soft yet a modern appeal with refreshing cool tone.

Scuba Blue
As the name suggests, it comes from scuba, Which keeps your style cool. This shade is a touch brighter and brings a vision of holidays on the coast through your outfit.

Passionate red is one of those colors, which never cease reflecting passion and energy. A bright shade to spice up your look with a lot of energy.
Not to forget our all time favourites, Classic white and timeless black.
These two colours will be everywhere and will make season’s choice on wearing alone or in their classic color combination.



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