Two Simple Steps To Thicker Eyelashes
Two Simple Steps To Thicker Eyelashes
One compliment which i have always received since my childhood days is of having thick and beautiful eyelashes. Right from my school days till  today, all my friends make me remember that how lucky i am to have these beautiful, thick and long eyelashes !  ( blush-blush)

 However, not everyone is blessed with naturally thick lashes. But you can always enhance the beauty of your lashes with the help of some basic ingredients available in your home. Here are two simple tips for thicker eyelashes :

Castor oil
Castor oil has always been associated with hair growth and thickness. The vitamin E present in this oil provides excellent nourishment to hair. So, apply a few drops of Castor oil every night before you go to sleep on your eyelashes, and let them grow thicker and longer.

Petroleum jelly
Another easiest way to get thicker lashes is by massaging petroleum jelly on them. Massage petroleum jelly on your eyelids and lashes while keeping your eyes closed, for about two to three minutes every night. The moisturising property of the jelly reduces the chances of formation of dry flakes on your eyelids, and makes your eyelashes thicker.
You can also massage  your eyelids every day to improve the thickness of your lashes. Use clean hands and massage very lightly. A gentle massage will improve blood circulation and stimulate the growth of lashes.

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