Black is the new green !
Black is the new green !


I have always been a food lover ! 

and all my friends and family can vouch for that. From moving beyond traditional food dishes to openly experimenting new recipes and trying newer ingredients, i am never tired at trying. Be it the food from the streets, a plush restaurant or a simple home cooked meal, i have always enjoyed it equally ! sometimes not even considering the amount of calories and fat it delivers into my body. 
But for the past few years as my preferences in life changed, so did change my food habits ! I came more closer to nature, natural and organic food. 

On one of my routine search on some healthy yet unconventional food options available, i came across The Black Food ! Black superfoods for you. 

Now i would not say we do not enjoy Caviar, blackberries or black truffles more but Black is certainly not a diners colour when it comes to a delicious, lip-smacking food. For most of us, the colour black on a food plate is repulsive. It gives an impression that the food is either burned, inedible or worse, poisonous. But Thanks to our chefs, who around the world are trying to change this attitude by incorporating the colour black in popular recipes and food.

 Not just the colour but black food as well is catching up the trend in the world. though it has always been a part of certain cuisines like Japanese, Chinese and Mexican, due to the health benefits associated with them. Often food is black because of natural plant pigment called “anthocyanins” which have anti-inflammatory properties and offer protection against diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

So lets have a look on some of the Black Super foods you can eat :

1) Black Tea

The good old black tea  contains theaflavins (antioxidants) that a study  suggests may improve recovery from muscle soreness after intense exercise. Drinking black tea may also lower your risk of having a heart attack.

2) Black Beans

The dark skins of these beans are packed with bioflavonoids — potent plant-based nutrients that may protect against cancer.

3) Black Rice
It contains higher amounts of vitamin E, which bolsters the immune system and protects cells from free radical damage
4) Black Garlic
It is a type of fermented garlic, which is packed with natural sugars and amino acids. It improves blood circulation and is hugely antioxidant rich (twice the amount of white garlic).
5) Black Soybeans
A Korean study found that eating black soybeans can help reduce the risk of thrombosis (a type of blood clot that’s potentially fatal)
5) Black mushrooms
These full of flavours Shiitake mushrooms may lower the risk of breast cancer among women after Menopause.
6) Blackberries
Blackberries are rich in fibers. Poly phenols found in dark berries may help reduce cognitive decline in older age by cleaning up cells that impair brain function.

Not to forget all the other Black super foods we already are a fan of such as black sesame, black olives, black grapes, black prunes and so many more 🙂
Happy Eating !!

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